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Greetings and welcome to Wyvern Friend, Crystal's one-page shrine for the wyvern adoring Cherche from the amazing video game Fire Emblem: Awakening (Kakusei) for the Nintendo 3DS. Cherche is a character whom I had accidentally fallen in love with as a result of something I did in another game, but honestly, I'm glad for it. She's super fun and totally kick-ass, plus her affection towards her wyvern is absolutely adorable. It's like, how can you NOT love her? She's amazing! Be warned that this site may contain unmarked spoilers so you may want to watch your step. If you happen to have any comments or questions regarding anything feel free to contact me. Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Introducing the Wyvern fanatic.

Name: Cherche (English), Serge (Japanese)
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 17
Home country: Rosanne
Starting class: Wyvern Rider
Skills: Strength +2 , Tantivy
Voice: Amanda C. Miller (English), Kana Akutsu (Japanese)

"A wyvern rider in the service of House Virion. She was raised with simple values and likes to cook and sew, but loves her 'sweet, adorable' wyvern Minerva even more. The most terrifying when angry. Born on October 17th."
– Barracks Roster Profile

Cherche is a Wyvern Rider in service to House Virion in Rosanne on the continent of Valm. She makes her first appearance at the end of Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel––two years after Gangrel's defeat––when Chrom and company are summoned to Regna Ferox by Flavia's request. There they meet with Cherche and Virion who warn them of Walhart's intentions to conquer their continent after having completely conquered Valm. Cherche will automatically join your army at the beginning of Chapter 12: The Seacomers and will be level 12 with a Steel Axe and Hammer in her inventory. Cherche is the mother of Gerome and the potential mother of a female Morgan if married to a male Robin.

A deeper look at Cherche.

Cherche was raised in a very simple lifestyle with simple values. As such she likes to do things like cooking and sewing, and does both very well. However, neither compare to the affection she holds towards her "sweet, adorable" wyvern, Minerva, whom she has been with since she was a little girl; the two are virtually inseparable. Cherche also has an unusual aesthetic sense as she thinks wyvern, bugs and risen are all cute. She also appears to be able to easily distinguish the differences between wyvern––and possibly other creatures as well––unlike your average person who'd think they all look the same. This could likely have to do with being with Minerva for so long or she is just naturally able to tell. It's hard to say.

Despite her domestic nature Cherche is a strong and capable fighter although she has hates fighting. Still, she does it so that she can be reunited with her family and friends who had been scattered by the war. She believes that if she does not fight no one will make it home and so chooses to fight with everything she has, even to her dying breath if need be. It is obvious she cares about others, but she does not like it when they put themselves in harms way for her sake. Cherche also does not take too well to positive remarks and often thinks that people are trying to flatter her when they really aren't. When she gets angry she tends to have a smile on her face and threatens to have Minerva eat them.

A beloved friend and companion.

As I've mentioned before Minerva is Cherche's trusted wyvern mount and life long companion. Although we sadly never see Minerva––the mount she rides in her Wyvern Rider and Wyvern Lord classes is the best we get––I felt the need to write a section about her anyway as she is important to Cherche and she's really the only mount anyone ever talks about––for good reason too! The sort of relationship the two share is unique––it is not a master and servant thing which you would usually see with a person and their mount, but rather a sort of friendship or family bond. She also appears to be able to communicate with Minerva and can understand what she's saying either by the tone of her roar or the gestures she makes. It's pretty incredible. Whenever Minerva misbehaves she scolds her, much like how a mother would discipline a child; she disciplines Minerva whenever she's done something wrong and gives her praise when she's been good. I guess you could say that Minerva is kind of like Cherche's child or something.

Chrom: Oh? She doesn't look that excited to me. Not that I can really tell the difference...
Cherche: Oh, it's easy. She just looks even cuter than normal.
– Paralogue 11: Twin Wyverns

Named after the famed Wyvern Rider from the days of the Heroic-King of old the two have been together for a long time––ten years to be more precise. Cherche was only nine years old at the time and training to be a cleric, but one day decided she wanted to go on an adventure and wandered into Wyvern Valley, home of the wyverns––a place a young child probably shouldn't ever go to. There she found a baby wyvern, with the cutest little eyes, whom she then fought with until she was able to take the baby home with her, only receiving a small burn mark on her shoulder in the process. That wyvern then became Minerva. Whenever she'd misbehave Cherche would bonk the wyvern on the head with her staff, which was apparently really heavy. Eventually she was able to ride Minerva to school and the two became inseparable. Cherche also later apologized to Minerva for bonking her on the head. After the war the two were never seen apart.

A child from the future.

As with most female characters in the game if Cherche is married she will have a child who will come from the future. Her future child is a son named Gerome, and is a Wyvern Rider just like his mother, who can be recruited in Paralogue 11: Twin Wyverns by having either Chrom or Cherche speak with him.

"What does he know of bleak futures? It is a fool who breaks himself against fate's tide. That said, I suppose I'm as big a fool as any... *sigh* Very well, then. Come, my dear Minerva. Join me on one final flight..."
– Paralogue 11: Twin Wyverns (if Chrom recruits Gerome)

Unlike the other children from the future Gerome does not share their feelings and instead would rather keep his distance from everyone––especially his parents, instead calling them by their real names rather than Mother and Father. I'm sure if he had the option he would have avoided contact with his parents all together (which I think was his intention anyway). He is always seen wearing a mask for one reason or another, and feels that their actions will change nothing, that their dark future is doomed to happen regardless. Gerome's only reason for journeying to the past was to set Minerva (his mother's wyvern who had stayed with him after his mother was killed) free so she wouldn't be alone as she was the only surviving wyvern in the future.

When Cherche first begins speaking with Gerome he is initially reluctant to have anything to do with her. He would always reply in surly tones every time she asked him something, leaving her wondering where he got that from. He has his reasons for it, however, which is learned through their Support Conversations. His own parents died and he was unable to do anything to protect them. This could perhaps explain his unwillingness to get close or even accept Cherche and his father as his parents; he didn't want it to experience that feeling of loosing his parents again and thus closed himself off from them.

When Cherche learns the truth of what happened to his parents in his own time I can only imagine how she must have felt. His parents died when he was really young and while the people mourned the death of their fallen heroes he didn't care about that. Instead all he wanted was his mother and father. Having known this Cherche then swears to Gerome that it won't happen again and that she'll never leave him. Gerome, in turn, says that he'll make sure she survives so that they can be together.

Strengthening the bonds.

Because Cherche is a relatively minor character she doesn't appear much during the main story of the game. The only time we really see her interact with anyone is through Support Conversations––which isn't all bad because they are always fun and sometimes you learn something new and interesting. Because of this I felt the need to create a list of some of my favorite conversations Cherche has with her comrades.

First up is Virion. Once Cherche's lord and master he is now but a regular man––or more specifically the "archest of archers" as he calls himself––after Walhart the Conqueror invaded his realm. Even though her bonds of vassalage were ended when he lost his realm she continued to remain with him. Though Virion thinks it's because she loves him (which often results in Cherche threatening to have Minerva eat him) she has her own reasons for staying. In their supports we see a lot of what their relationship is like, and it is quite interesting; it isn't really something you would typically see in a master and servant. The two are frank with each other and seem to know each other quite well personally. I think because of this is why Cherche doesn't fall for his charms, and often thinks that he's flirting with her even when he's being sincere. Despite this though it is easy to tell that they care a great deal for each other, even if Cherche claims that she'd give no thought to Virion if one day she had to choose between her loyalty to him or her own path.

Another is Gregor, a sellsword who joins Chrom and the Shepherds after turning on his former employers. In their supports we find that Gregor is not afraid of Minerva which was because of a job he had that took him to Wyvern Valley. He explains that he was serving under some wicked men, and what was supposed to be a job collecting claws from dead wyvern turned into something much worse. When their sights turned to a mother wyvern and her baby Gregor turned on his employers and fought them off. Sadly the mother did not survive, but Gregor was able to protect the baby wyvern from them. Gregor confessed to Cherche that his own parents were killed right before his eyes and that he could not stand the same thing happening to the baby wyvern, although he was unable to prevent the mother's death. After a screech from Minerva it was learned that the baby wyvern was her. Although Gregor thought that they might hate him for what happened, both were instead grateful that he had saved her life and that they owed him a great deal; if not for him they would not be together.

Last is Frederick, a knight in service to House Ylisse who seems more like a servant rather than a knight (even though he'll tell you otherwise). In a way the two are a lot alike, which is why I felt the need to include him here, too. In their supports Frederick is caught watching Cherche while training. When he discovers that the technique she was using was a secret technique that had been passed down through her family he apologizes, saying that he had no intention of pilfering family secrets. Cherche doesn't mind and offers to teach the skill to him as they fight for the same cause and that he may even use it to save her life one day. The highlight of their supports for me, however, is why Cherche chooses to stay with Virion even though he is no longer her lord. Frederick states that for a knight loyalty is the primary virtue––if the realm is destroyed the vow still holds as it is not directed to the land or any place in particular. Instead the vow is to the people who make up the realm. As a knight she owes fealty to Virion and the people which is why she stays. It's pretty cool, actually.

Other characters Cherche can support with (not including her children) are the female and male Robin, Vaike, Stahl, Miriel, Kellam, Lon'qu, Ricken, Gaius, Nowi, Libra, Henry and Donnel.

Using Cherche on the battlefield.

Leveling up and reclassing is something I absolutely love doing in Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's fun figuring out what does what and creating a powerful fighting force to be reckoned with. When Cherche joins you she will start out as a Wyvern Rider with the skills Strength +2 and Tantivy, both of which are decent skills. She will be a little under leveled to start, but with a little grinding against some risen she'll toughen up pretty quickly––just watch out for those pesky archers and wind magic as she is weak against those. Although she can be promoted right away I prefer to level her up to 20 before promotion just to give her an extra boost in stats. After that I will often promote her to either Wyvern Lord or Gryphon Rider first to pick up the skills from those classes. Wyvern Lord can grant Quick Burn and Swordbreaker, while Gryphon Rider can grant Deliverer and Lancebreaker, all of which are useful skills to pick up.

"I have always been fairly adaptable."
– Class change

Cherche's reclassing options are Troubadour and Cleric which aren't that great for her as she is better suited as a physical damage dealer due to her low magic growth. Still, you'll want her to spend some time in these classes as they have some useful skills she can pick up. Some of these skills include Miracle from Cleric, Renewal from War Cleric, and Dual Support+ From Valkyrie. Though generally useless to Cherche Tomefaire would be good to pick up to help her out in her caster classes, but because it is obtained at level 15 in the Sage class and Valkyrie is her only other class that can benefit from it it probably isn't really worth it. Still, it's something to keep in mind if you find yourself needing it. Resistance +2 from Troubadour is also something worth considering due to Cherche's low Resistance growth and cap as a Wyvern Lord, and a lack of anything else to help protect her against casters––especially those carrying Wind magic tomes.

With all those skills in mind it can be tough to choose what to go with as you are only allowed five active skills at any given time. For me, personally, however, I like to go with Swordbreaker, Renewal, Dual Support+, Miracle and Deliverer or Resistence +2 (I haven't quite decided on these last two yet). These skills can give her better protection against certain weaknesses––like Wyrmslayers or magic––while also making her an effective unit when paired up with another. Once I have all those skills I always like to reclass Cherche back to Wyvern Lord, a class best suited for her stats (and can't forget that Minerva is a wyvern too!). Because she is a flying unit she is unhindered by the environment, making her that much more effective on the battlefield. Some of these skills are situational, however, so it is a good idea to equip her with what works best for the current fight.

As an added bonus here is a screenshot of Cherche's stats and skills from one of my playthroughs.

The reasons why I like Cherche.

How I came to like Cherche is a bit of a funny story actually, as it had absolutely nothing to do with Fire Emblem: Awakening. How I came to like her was a result of my guild on World of Warcraft needing one of us hunters to have a raptor pet that provided the sunder armor debuff so that everyone could focus on their rotation and the fight mechanics without needing to worry about keeping it up as well. For a while I could go without needing to do it, but eventually that job fell to me as the other hunter obviously wasn't going to do it. So begrudgingly I went out and tamed a raptor pet, and, because I have this thing with naming all my pets after Fire Emblem characters I ended up naming it "Cherche". Now every time we raid I always have her by my side. Return to Fire Emblem: Awakening and I've decided to try using Cherche more. I then found myself liking her a lot more than I did before. Her relationship with her wyvern, Minerva, is absolutely adorable, and her relationship with basically anyone she can support with is highly amusing––especially with Virion. Plus she's all around cute with her adoration of all things creepy (ie: bugs and risen). Now whenever I play through the game she's a mandatory member of my core group; I can't stand NOT having her with me. Cherche is completely awesome and kicks some serious butt.

About the site.

Although I love Cherche dearly she was not a character I had ever really considered making a shrine for. Ever. Instead I figured she'd be someone whom I'd be merely content with running only the fanlisting for. So then what made me change my mind? Well, when the annual Amassment One Page, One Month Shrine Marathon began I had originally signed up to shrine a different character from Fire Emblem: Awakening, but a couple weeks into the marathon I found myself no longer interested enough in the character to continue with it so I decided to change my subject to Cherche instead. I regret nothing! I am completely happy with my choice. Work began in late June, and, although things were slow to begin with––Fire Emblem images are such a bitch to work with––I am happy to say that the shrine was officially opened on August 15, 2014! Yay!

Currently we are on version 1 of the site which was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was found at Serenes Forest and the sprites used around the site were found at Fire Emblem Wiki. Screenshots used were taken by me. Patterns used in the header were made by me and patterns used in the rest of the layout were found at this site. Textures used were from the late and fonts used are called Palatino Linotype which were default with my computer. Credit goes to Fire Emblem Wiki and Serenes Forest for some information used on this site. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

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